Amazing Products You Should Know to Hack Your Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill

Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill is indeed one of the best charcoal grills in the market. Quality materials, designs, and advanced features, it is no doubt that this brand is the king of all charcoal grills. One of the main reasons why kettle is popular across the globe is that you can easily fix and improvised it using other products. This means that Kettle charcoal grill is not a fixed appliance. This provides ease and access to all owners to easily fix it when something is broken or improvise for a more convenient way of cooking. As such, here are some products you need to hack your Weber Kettle charcoal grill.

Slow N Sear 2.0

One of the easiest and fastest way to smoke meat on your Weber appliance. This Slow N Sear is used to split your grill in two – an open cooking area and one side full of hot coals. With this, you can put your food in the open cooking area for 6 to 8 hours, and you will have bbq. Then put it over the coals, and you can still have a beautifully made high heat grill. Moreover, the veteran grill gear testes at Amazing ribs call this product as the single best accessory for the Weber kettle.

Grill Grates Upgrade

Grill Grates Upgrade is used, such as it is elevated over a heavy base aligned with holes. The main function of this product is to create both a more consistently cooked meal and an ideal crosshatch. Grill Grates Upgrades is made of anodized, rust-resistant aluminum. Just like Slow N Sear 2.0, Grill Grates Upgrade is also considered as one of the best single products of Weber kettle. Using any upgrade will anodize and boost the advantage. It might be an additional purchase, but it is going to enhance the durability for sure.

Kettle Pizza Basic

Kettle Pizza Basic is a device that allows greater air circulation and makes a huge gap that is sufficient to slide a pizza in and out while still keeping the temperature requisite to making a pizza. This basic product kit comes with an aluminum pizza tray. However, experts suggest using a classic pizza stone instead of having a crispier foundation.


It is hard to put a lot of ribs on a regular 22-inch Weber. That is why Rib-O Lator was created. This device acts as a horizontal rotisserie for anything that you are cooking. It could be used on slow and low cooks.

BBQ Tempmaster Pro

BBQube’s tiny pricy black box is not an amp. This device is a 4-probe tracker of temperature and control system for ventilation. The main function of this device is to feed all the grilling data you desire to your phone. This device allows you to regulate your fire. Hence, if your fire is getting to much heat on a low and slow pork shoulder, this device will allow you to cut back airflow to cut the heat down. Moreover, Tempmaster is operated with a very satisfying knob. When grabbing the best product, you should consider alternative in the same to avoid grabbing the wrong product for sure.

Pella Kettle Pellet

This device is designed to manage the creation of your charcoal fueld Weber in an easy and elegant manner. This device is operating from 175 to 500 degrees. The best part is, you can get the double use from the same grill with enhancement in performance, which makes everything easy and reliable at the same time.

Basting Brush

Have you ever tried a basting brush? These let you apply oil or paste on the chicken to make them juicy and tasty. When you are cooking on a charcoal grill, it is hard to apply anything on their surface, but using a quality brush like such tools will boost all the advantages. That’s why you can consider them as a better alternative to go after. Keep it in mind that you consider all the popular options to grab a genuine deal.

Winco UT-16HT Extra Heavyweight Utility Tongs

When it comes to cooking something blazing and highly effective choice, you can go with the purchase of Winco UT-16HT Extra Heavyweight Utility Tongs. It lets you cook food on charcoal grills safely. It has a sturdy design as it is made up of stainless steel. The best part of this grill tong is, you can hold it from the far end and keep flipping food when you want to cook properly.

Grill-grate brush

There are lots of people who don’t know about charcoal grills brushes, but if you used to cook on grills, then you may have used it before in the past. These Gill Grate Brushes are great tools to clean your grills and enhance the durability of the same without any issue. The brush has thick wire bristles to scrape away the rest of smoke from the walls of the grill. That’s why you can consider it as the better and highly effective choice over the selection of others.

BBQ Thermometer

When cooking on a charcoal grill, you need a good quality thermometer to know about the exact temperature. It let you cook meat at adequate heat and getting the best taste out of it. Once you get used to cooking with a thermometer, you will learn how to guess what’s the temperature at the current tie in the grill. These reasons can make you think about the purchase of a thermometer. Cooking is easy with these products, and you can find plenty of advantages with ease.

The Great Scrape Woody Shovel

As we mentioned before, grill grate brush is an effective choice, but if you don’t want to use that, then you can go with any alternative like as the Great scrap woody shovel. These are also helpful in removing charcoal and other debris from the top of the grill. It might be easy to use; that’s why you can rely on it without having a single issue. Keep it in mind that there are plenty of designs available in the same, so you should choose a durable one to avoid getting into any kind of issue.

Chimney Starter – Weber Rapidfire

Lighting charcoal in a grill is one of the hardest jobs of all time, and it can take you plenty of time burning the charcoal. So, you can make everything easy with the help of a chimney starter tool, which allows you to put charcoal inside and burn from the bottom area. As there is a better flow of air, it takes less than five minutes to burn charcoal and getting it ready to be used in the grill. Keep it in mind that this tool is effective, but the portability factor might get compromised due to such products. So, you should consider it during the purchase.


No doubt that there are so many products like these and each one is reliable. Sorting out the right one is a bit tricky for many people. In case you want to know more information about these helpful products; you can visit websites like 5best.com. From there, you will be familiarized with the best products in the market to hack your Weber Kettle charcoal grill.

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