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The new TV show has come up with a climax episode? Can’t watch it because you’re stuck in traffic? Well, reaching home fast so that you don’t miss out on your favorite episode. Or spending your Sundays in the theater is an old game now! With the advancement of new technologies. Specifically, the growing smartphone craze has engrossed the market!

Besides, providing you with an array of multitasking options, these smartphone interface enables you to stream your favorite TV episodes or movies, whenever and wherever you want. With a minimal cost, you can actually watch most of your favorites here with just a proper internet connection. Sounds simple!? Thinking from where to get hold of all these shows with little to no expenses? These apps are the all-time favorites of the millennials, go download here and see the amazing world of entertainment opening its doors just in your portable screen!


This app runs on both the Android and iOS platforms. This has an amazing capability to keep a check on all those popular channels like Netflix, AmazonPrime and many more small interfaces which streams exclusive content and TV shows. They constantly update their system with the streamed shows and movies and shows them categorically in the primary list. Clicking on these links will take you to the respective channels where you can either rent, buy, or watch them for free, depending on the availability. But if you are only interested in watching them for free, do select on the FreeMovies option and binge watch all those free content!


You can simply browse this TV while sipping tea in your office break! Yes, you got that right, this app runs in the Android platform of your mobile easily. They give you a host of options in the category list, and you can search from a host of other hidden shows and movies. As you touch on your favorite show, they provide you a number of links, which takes you to the amazing world of streaming them! This has a really simple interface. However, there can be some glitches in the link, so choose wisely. You can simply forgive these factors as you’re getting all this glory for free! Please do bear with the ads in between!


Always thought that this just rates your shows and movies! No, they also give you an option to watch them for free but ad-supported shows! If you are planning to get some latest shows, then you’ll be disappointed as they have limited stock. Check into Watch For Free to get something of your choice. Although, you won’t be spoilt with the options, you can always get something of your liking. This is also available in the FireTV.


Please avail of this free app, for an amazing free experience of your entertainment. You can see shows from a range hosted by HBO Now, Amazon Prime. Etc. You can watch anything in this app from your subscribed channels. Besides, the Watch Now options present to you, your favorite shows, from the app. All the things that you have bought from iTunes are available here, and you also get the chance to enjoy them when you are away from Internet services!


Just watch the shows of your interest as they get you shows from 37 different streaming links. The number might seem less. However, you can filter via the genres, see things pertaining to your interest either by paying or for free, depending on the availabilities!
So, without further ado, get these apps and stream your favorite shows here!

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