Hannah Montana Dress Up Games - Play Online!

What little girl doesn’t know who Hannah Montana is? None I believe is that answer. I know both of my daughters know who the Rock Star is. So I went to the internet to see what kinds of Dress Up Games I could find for them to try. Well, the answers might surprise you. All roads apparently lead to the same game. At least most of the websites that I visited did.

So the game is called Rock Star Fashion Challenge. Quite appropriate! It is quite an interesting game that actually has some challenge and thought process involved. Capable of both single and multiplayer features it is a more interactive game than many that are out there. It combines a memory game and a points based game. The mission is to get Hannah Montana ready for her concert. A photo of the outfit that she needs to wear is shown to you. Then, after it is taken away you get to search through Hannah’s closet and match the outfit with what was shown. If you don’t get it done before the limo arrives then Hannah Montana will miss her concert. You earn points based on how quickly you dress her and how much of the outfit is correct. This is a wonderful game for the young ladies through preteens. This game can be accessed through a variety of websites:,,, and probably others. Those are just a few that directed me to the Hannah Montana Dress Up Rock Star Fashion Challenge.

At and I found a doll dressing game. You could dress Hannah Montana in an outfit that you picked out. There were very nice colors of outfits and such. But the downside was that there wasn’t much in the way of choices. There were only a few. But you could send your doll via email to a friend. Also, you could get the html code to put your Hannah Montana Doll onto a Myspace account. I thought this game was way to simplistic for children old enough to have a Myspace account. It was really geared for younger children that are way to young to be alone on the internet.

Another type of Hannah Montana doll maker that I found was called Marapets. The doll itself was pretty cute, but not really much could be done with it without getting an account. While the account is free, it was too much work just to make a Hannah doll. You couldn’t do hardly anything without gaining that account. But that site had quite a few different dolls from which to choose.

There were tons of things that came up with a Google search for Hannah Montana dress up games. These were the best ones found on the first page of the list. I highly encourage all Hannah Montana fans to try the Rock Star Fashion Challenge. You could feel like Lily while you play! As you rent a Garry’s Mod server, you can seamlessly enjoy online gaming experience. This is a really great way to enhance your gaming experience as well.