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Procedure to follow while shaving men’s pubic area

It is a trick to master how to remove pubic hair for men. The males are not still well-acquainted regarding the facts and rules about this basic personal hygiene method. It is incredibly essential for both men and women to keep that area clean and dry. Therefore, it is suggested that those less-acknowledged men become aware of some important rules before picking up a razor. 

These are the steps that are required to consider by the men before, while and after the shaving process: 

  1. Soak in warm water: When the targeted hairs to be removed are soaked in a tub filled with lukewarm water, and then it becomes much convenient for the person to trim those hairs because warm water has the properties to make it softer for cutting. Therefore, less or no pain will be noticed during the removal. 
  2. Use soothing agents: Prior to applying the shaving cream, it will be beneficial to apply some sort of creams or gels that work as soothing agents to the skin. It will loosen the skin elasticity that will make it easy for the blade to work inflow.   
  3. Trim down there: The third step is to shorten the extended pubic hair with a nice pair of scissors before the actual shaving process. You can find your best suitable trimmers for pubic area at online and offline stores. Take care of the scissors should not be rusted. 
  4. Select the blade: The length of the blade highly depends on the length of your pubic hair. If you are removing the hair after so many months, then you might need a longer bladed scissor. 
  5. Throw out the old blades: The old and dull pair of blades and scissors should be thrown right away when being noticeable. It will enhance the risk of getting tetanus and other severe diseases.   
  6. Apply shaving cream: After all the preparation has been done, then comes the time to apply chemical-free shaving cream on the targeted hair. It might need a fluffy brush to create the foam and spread it all over the area, or your hands might be enough as well.  
  7. Apply razor: The shaving cream helps to soften the pubic area, and the razor is then run through the respected area. It is suggested to hold the skin that needs the trim firmly on another hand.  
  8. Rinse the area: The hairs have been removed and wash it with cold water to rinse the extra shaving cream from the area. 
  9. Dry the pubic area: Dab a dry and clean towel onto the washed and hair-free pubic area. It is advised to use an extremely soft cloth for the dabbing process as the hard fur of the towel might cause redness and itchiness on the delicate skin.  
  10. Apply nice moisturizer: After everything is done, it is great to use a thick oil-based moisturizer or cream in the pubic area.


By following these steps, it will be a lot easier for men to remove the undesired hair from their pubic areas. It is recommended to choose the right kind of trimmer for your hair and skin. Applying an effective soothing agent and moisturizer is also a part of this process as these help the skin feel nourished and moisturized before and after the work is done. 

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