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Land investments have become a really popular venture in today’s time because of how much they yield to the seller. The profit margins can be extended based on the kind of land it is. Experts have been doing the transactions back and forth since a long time, and if you are new in the field, here are a few things you should look at before purchasing a piece of land.

Connected restrictions

Buying and selling a piece of land might not be as simple as it would look. You have to check on the restrictions that come attached to it and its use. The government rules in your area would be defining what all can you use the land for. Not every property can be used as residential as well as commercial or any other type as a matter of fact. There would be construction rules as well, so if that is your motive, you would need to go over the building code as well.

Surrounding climate

Climate is something that will define the construction that will take place on the land later on. If you are buying the land for construction, then this will definitely play a major role in the materials you choose and what all you would be really able to do around the land. Thorough research of the climate and everything that is around that piece of land is a must before the final purchase.

Source of water

No matter what use the land is put to, and you will need water for all of them. Whether its agricultural land, commercial or even residential land, everything will need a source of water. This has to be determined in advance to know if the area has a water shortage or any rules concerning water usage. Certain areas don’t allow the usage of ground water because of environmental concerns. Hence, you will have to figure out and see where you will get your water from, and if that is a deal breaker for you.

Approvals needed

Depending on the final use of the land and what you might have in mind for it, you will need a lot of approvals before you can finally start the work needed. Various authorities will have to approve your construction if that is the ultimate goal and activities like agriculture also need licenses to be carried forward. Commercial buildings need the maximum number of licenses and approvals so you will have to get them all while you are purchasing the land because the user has to be stated alongside.

Tax receipts

Properties for sale or ones that are not being used, technically all of them have a certain amount of tax levied on them. All owners have to pay the property tax at regular intervals so if you are purchasing a piece of land, and you will need its old tax receipts as well because you would never want to be on the questioning side for it. Get as many tax receipts as you can and best pay your tax as well on time.

Potential of the land

Every piece of land will have various purposes for it, depending on what you have in mind for it. Sometimes, the land itself can pose certain restrictions for you, which might come in the way of your intent for it. Hence, before you make the purchase look at what all is possible to be done with the given plot. Look at everything that is around it and how you could turn it into a capital investment for you while contributing something to the existing neighbourhood as well. A lot of research again will go in here.

Certificate check

A lot of times plots are purchased through loans, and the amount being huge carries forward for years. To ensure all this doesn’t fall on your head and you are not held accountable for any debt or loan that might be attached to the land you were buying, you will have to get certificates regarding the same, stating nothing like that is attached to your purchase. Things like release certificate are a must to check and get before you move forward.


Orientation of the plot will define the sun path of the site. Along with that, it will also affect a lot of things during construction. You will know if you can take advantage of the orientation and in what ways specifically. This will help you decide on the use and evaluate if that use is the best or not. Anything that’s existing will also be accounted for when you are doing all of these calculations. So, keep in mind everything before you make the purchase and finally start the construction.



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