BTC Purported inventor summoned to surrender $3 billion worth Bitcoin

The crypto world is abuzz with a sensational revelation of late. According to sources, Craig Wright, the purported inventor of Bitcoin, has denied his late mining partner of the half of total number of Bitcoins they mined together. The matter has reached to the court recently and Wright has been ordered by the judge to hand over around 3 billion USD worth Bitcoin holdings to his partner’s family.

But, Wright has noted that it’s impossible for him to surrender that much amount at present or in near future.

In one his recent statements to a leading news site, Mr. Wright claimed that he can’t be sure to identify these coins which he had to split owing to some past legal dispute. He also mentioned that he has never said that “private keys” of those coins could be made available or used in coming months.

In the early quarter of 2019, American Magistrate Judge B. Reinhart (Florida) reported that the leading Aussie computer scientist has submitted fake documents. Not only that, he was also found to be dishonest in legal dispute.

According to Judge Reinhart’s statements Wright’s mining partner was Mr. Dave Kleiman who is unfortunately no more with us. Mr. Kleiman was the owner of 50% of all BTC which Wright had mined in 2013. Kleiman was also the owner of 50% of intellectual property created by Wright. But, Wright has denied his partner his legit share and currently has the complete share to his name.

Back in 2013 when Wright and Kleiman had mined Bitcoins together, 50 percent of BTCwas worth around 4 billion USD. But, if Judge Reinhart has ordered Wright to release the 50% BTC share of Kleiman then why has he asked for 3 billion USD this time? Well, it’s because, the price of the token has plummeted over time and today the value of same amount of coin is 3 billion USD. Wright should be actually relieved that he is not being asked to release the share in the price of the time when it was originally mined in 2013.

Now, the crypto world is waiting for Wright to own up to his actions and deliver the ordered share to his erstwhile partner’s estate. The news has already raised a storm in the crypto industry worldwide. It would only be prudent of Wright to follow the court’s orders and release the share on which he has no right legally.

However, some investors are of the opinion that if Wright dumps the coins, that are claimed to locked in some complicated trust housing 6 billion USD, might affect the whole market.

In one of his recent statements, Wright asserted-

“I don’t wish to dump the BTC that belongs to my family just because some other people want or speculate something else. It might hurt a lot of people in our industry.”

On the other hand, Judge B. Reinhart has claimed that he has “clear & convincing evidence”which shows that that trust file does not exist only. He has also noted that Wright has given“intentionally false” testimony regarding it.

So, the war is still on. The crypto world is still clueless where it would lead to. But one thing for sure, BTC is to experience a solid rise next year. So, if you have been planning to invest and trade the coin for long, now is the perfect time. If you are asking how to get Bitcoins-you can check out Bitcoin exchanges and P2P exchanges

Tips & Tricks

How To De-Brand Or Re-Brand A Sony-Ericsson C905/C905a

This tutorial will walk you through the process of flashing a C905/C905a phone.

Although flashing a phone that you own is legal, there are some down sides and potential perils:

* By flashing your phone, you may void your warranty, so proceed at your own risk.

* By flashing your phone, you will be erasing pretty much everything you have stored, including, potentially, all of your stored contacts. You MUST create a backup or this data will be permanently lost. It is advisable to use the best wifi booster so you can back up your data quickly.

* Because you’ll be messing around with your phone’s software, failure to follow these instructions exactly could permanently damage your phone. Again, proceed at your own risk, and only if you have read through these instructions completely and know that you have enough tech savvy to follow them correctly.

1) Using your favorite search engine, find and download the latest versions of the following programs:

a) A2Uploader (comes bundled with Gordon’s Gate Drivers; install them, then reboot your PC)

b) A2 CDA File Generator (Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0; install that first, if you don’t have it)

c) Sony-Ericsson Update Service (SEUS)

2) First, run A2Uploader to get some info about the phone’s current settings.

a) Click “Identify.”

b) You’ll be prompted to link up your phone via the USB cable.

c) First, remove the phone’s battery, then put it back in.

d) Then link up via USB while holding the “C” button on the phone.

e) Copy and save all of the information the program spits out. You may need this if you ever have to re-brand the phone.

3) Next, run A2 CDA File Generator.

a) Select the model (C905).

b) Select your region (e.g. America)

c) The program will display the CDA for your selections. The CDA is basically the version of unbranded firmware that you will be installing onto the phone. (If you’re looking to rebrand, you’ll want to use the CDA values you got during Step 2e.)

d) Click “Generate XML file.” You may get a prompt asking you if you’d like to rewrite the existing “customize_upgrade.xml” file. Say yes.

e) The file should be located in the same places as A2 CDA File Generator. Open it up and verify that it looks OK.

4) Now, using A2Uploader, you’re going to transfer this file onto your phone.

a) Start the program and click “File System tool.”

b) You’ll be prompted to link up your phone via the USB cable.

c) First, remove the phone’s battery, then put it back in.

d) Then link up via USB while holding the “C” button on the phone.

e) You should see a file directory appear.

f) Navigate to the /tpa/present/custom folder.

g) Drag and drop the “customize_upgrade.xml” into this folder.

h) The file will be uploaded to the phone. Verify that it’s there.

5) Next, you’ll use SEUS to download and install the new firmware. This will completely erase pretty much everything you have saved on your phone, so make sure you’ve backed things up. Also, make sure your phone has a full charge, because this process could take a while.

a) Start SEUS.

b) Select your phone (C905) from the available options.

c) You’ll be prompted to link up your phone via the USB cable.

d) First, remove the phone’s battery, then put it back in.

e) Then link up via USB while holding the “C” button on the phone.

f) SEUS will look up the firmware specified by the CDA in your “customize_upgrade.xml” file.

g) You may get a message saying that you already have the most recent firmware available for that CDA. If this is the case, you may have to go all the way back to step 3-b and specify a different region (e.g. “Western Europe”).

h) SEUS will download the firmware. Expect the download to be around 65 MB.

i) SEUS will install the downloaded firmware onto your phone. This could take 10 minutes or more.

6) Turn off the phone, unplug everything, close out of all the programs, remove and replace the battery, and cross your fingers.

7) When you restart the phone, it may take a few minutes to process the new firmware. That’s normal.

8) At this point, your phone should be de-branded! Congrats!

9) If at any point you need to re-brand your phone, just follow the same process, but in the “customize_upgrade.xml” file, use the CDA and related information that you got from Step 2.