Tween Party Ideas

When your child is a tween and passes the age of having cartoon themed parties but is still young enough to have a theme you might have a problem with choosing a theme. Tween parties are very popular for birthdays, back to school, and summer event. There are many different themes that you can use for a tween party.

  1. Makeup Party

This is a great idea if you have a daughter that is just beginning to wear makeup or will be wearing make up soon. You can do it yourself or you can always contact someone that sells make up such as Mary Kay or Avon. These ladies will generally do a party for you in hopes of selling products and can show the girls how to apply makeup and other tips that they know. If you don’t want someone to come in to do this you can go to a discount store and buy makeup pretty cheap. Don’t be afraid to buy colors that people don’t normally wear on a regular basis. Encourage the girls to experiment and have fun with the different colors. If you want to do party favors, you can give each girl a makeup bag to take home and maybe have some makeup in the bag. Be sure to let other mothers know what type of party is will be in case they have objections to their daughter participating. For a free printable makeup party invitation you can visit

  1. Luau Party

This theme is great for tween parties during the warmer months and especially if you own or have access to a pool. You can have lei’s and grass skirts for everyone to wear once they arrive. Decorations can follow the luau them with tiki torches, palm trees, and pineapples. It is also really cute if you have the little umbrellas that everyone can put in their drinks. Your local party store should have plenty of luau decorations for you to choose from, but if not you can check out

  1. Murder Mystery Theme

My niece went to a murder mystery party and said everyone had a blast. Everyone is assigned a character when they arrive and you can have clothes and accessories available for them to get into character. You can find clothes and accessories at garage sales before the party. If you are not brave enough to write your own murder mystery party you can buy kits at or

  1. Bowling Party

If you don’t want to have the party in your home you can have a bowling party and just take the group to the local bowling alley and let them have fun bowling. You could even take them out for ice cream after they are finished bowling. My dad did this for my birthday when I was 11 and my friends and I had a blast. If you want to find the best bowling ball for house shot, then bowling party is ultimately the best party theme for you. 

One of these tween party ideas is sure to please your tween. Remember to be creative and you can do any of these ideas relatively cheap if you plan well and plan ahead.

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