Hannah Montana Dress Up Games - Play Online!

What little girl doesn’t know who Hannah Montana is? None I believe is that answer. I know both of my daughters know who the Rock Star is. So I went to the internet to see what kinds of Dress Up Games I could find for them to try. Well, the answers might surprise you. All roads apparently lead to the same game. At least most of the websites that I visited did.

So the game is called Rock Star Fashion Challenge. Quite appropriate! It is quite an interesting game that actually has some challenge and thought process involved. Capable of both single and multiplayer features it is a more interactive game than many that are out there. It combines a memory game and a points based game. The mission is to get Hannah Montana ready for her concert. A photo of the outfit that she needs to wear is shown to you. Then, after it is taken away you get to search through Hannah’s closet and match the outfit with what was shown. If you don’t get it done before the limo arrives then Hannah Montana will miss her concert. You earn points based on how quickly you dress her and how much of the outfit is correct. This is a wonderful game for the young ladies through preteens. This game can be accessed through a variety of websites:,,, and probably others. Those are just a few that directed me to the Hannah Montana Dress Up Rock Star Fashion Challenge.

At and I found a doll dressing game. You could dress Hannah Montana in an outfit that you picked out. There were very nice colors of outfits and such. But the downside was that there wasn’t much in the way of choices. There were only a few. But you could send your doll via email to a friend. Also, you could get the html code to put your Hannah Montana Doll onto a Myspace account. I thought this game was way to simplistic for children old enough to have a Myspace account. It was really geared for younger children that are way to young to be alone on the internet.

Another type of Hannah Montana doll maker that I found was called Marapets. The doll itself was pretty cute, but not really much could be done with it without getting an account. While the account is free, it was too much work just to make a Hannah doll. You couldn’t do hardly anything without gaining that account. But that site had quite a few different dolls from which to choose.

There were tons of things that came up with a Google search for Hannah Montana dress up games. These were the best ones found on the first page of the list. I highly encourage all Hannah Montana fans to try the Rock Star Fashion Challenge. You could feel like Lily while you play! As you rent a Garry’s Mod server, you can seamlessly enjoy online gaming experience. This is a really great way to enhance your gaming experience as well.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Video Game Review

Battlefield: Bad Company was a definite success for EA upon its release, and to think they could build upon this success with a follow up title is tough to fathom. This being true, Bad Company 2 delivers as effective and realistic a modern warfare video game as any video game developer. Both the single player campaign and the online multiplayer are enough to keep one person engaged and away from any of their other video game titles. The best part of it all: EA has decided to increase its audience and release the game on PC’s as well, dumping the console only approach taken with the first installment.

The flaw of the single player mode to me is the lack of realism involved with the story line coupled with the fact that it has you bouncing around from continent to continent in an unlikely turn of events. The mission of your four-man fire squad is to search for a mysterious weapon of mass destruction, and no, George W. Bush wasn’t involved in creating this plot. The positive side to this outrageous plot is the fact that it does send you all over the world giving the developers of the game, DICE, a chance to show you why EA recruited them to continue this series. The maps truly epitomize the capabilities video games have in an HD generation.

One aspect of the gameplay that stands out immediately is the realism of the action. The weapons have fairly realistic recoil, realistic looks and realistic sound, and your fellow soldiers in the single player mode don’t mope around like poorly programmed AI. You will feel like you are roaming a warzone with well equipped and well-trained soldiers. Another aspect of Bad Company 2 that helps it define HD gaming is the destructibility of the environments we first saw in the original Bad Company. This alone will always be a stand out feature of the franchise to me and I’m sure it is to other FPS gamers around the world.

The game, however, isn’t perfect. Sometimes certain aspects of the in-game environment will seem to “arrive” late, much like in Grand Theft Auto IV when you’re speeding down the highway and you notice a billboard or a building pop into the environment a bit delayed. This, surprisingly, doesn’t distract from the experience mostly because there is a lot of action, keeping the game too fast paced to really notice something so minor. The maps are also very decoratively rendered, so it may be hard to tell if these late appearances are because the game is actually lagging or if you’ve just been sitting in front of your television set playing for too long.

Much like its competitor Modern Warfare 2, the Bad Company 2 campaign is extremely short (only thirteen missions) and can only be prolonged if you’re gaming with the intent of earning PS3 trophies or Xbox 360 achievements. As much as developers are creating games with the understanding that this is an HD gaming generation, they also seem to understand it’s an online gaming generation, which is why most of what Bad Company 2 has to offer is in the multiplayer mode.

Sure, in Modern Warfare you can shoot through walls, but how about destroying small buildings to help complete an objective? In the online multiplayer, the destructible environments really come into play and force you to strategize well, making no two online matches exactly the same. Also playing into your strategy is your ability to work as a team. Only the most cohesive teams are going to shine online in this game. For example, unique to Bad Company 2 is the ability to respawn on a fellow player’s location. Capturing an objective could mean relying on a teammate to stay alive long enough for you to get help to him. The better everyone plays as a team, the more rewarding it will be – literally. Rewards in the form of new weapons and new abilities are abundant in the online mode. Even new vehicle unlocks are featured. And earning these rewards isn’t too difficult for beginning gamers seeing as how you can earn points for a lot of non-kill-related tasks like spotting an enemy or capturing an objective.

Another aspect of the game that propels Bad Company 2 past MW2 is the ability to use vehicles. Activision hasn’t placed a tank in a video game since Call of Duty 3, and for a gamer who wants the full warfare experience, I think MW2 is cheating their audience. Matches in Modern Warfare 2 seem too small with the lack of vehicles to traverse the video game terrain, whereas online efforts in MAG seem overwhelmingly large. Bad Company finds middle ground by employing the use of vehicles in its well designed game modes. And as far as game modes go, the online matches are so heavily customizable that anyone can create a match they will enjoy.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 isn’t the type of game you rent from Blockbuster or Gamefly. It isn’t the type of game you go over to your friend’s house to play. It isn’t the type of game you bypass to purchase something else at your local video game retailer. This is the type of video game you purchase and play for as long as EA will keep the online servers running. I highly recommend it to novice gamers and experts alike. You can also visit expert boosting for the best and affordable game boosting service. You can use this to climb up in ranking as well. This is also a great way to improve your skills as you chat with other pro-players.


Here Is The Main Reason Behind The Intense Hype Of PS4

The play station4, which is the product of Sony Company and currently ruling the market of gaming. Because of its user interference and secure processor the device comes introduced to the world in 2013 in America, and within a few years, the hype of this object increased on to another level. And this is the main reason why it has gained the upper hand from its alternatives as the custom level of the gaming device is almost unmatchable, and this is the main reason why gamers always prefer PS4 gaming console.


Why was the hype of PS4 on another level?


PS4 is considered to be one of the best and prime aspects for any gamers, and as we all know about the fact that Sony is the best gaming company because the features which they give are almost impossible for their competition. As they have exclusive games on it, and this is the main reason why people were excited about the launch of this gaming tool. There was a press event from Sony company in America where they introduced this gaming item to the world they described the main features of this item. Like their processor and chipset were also discussed in the event, and with the help of that, even their market got a definite kick. They had attracted new clients on a stronger note.  


A primary showcase of the event 


Knack- the game which has all type of adventure in it and their main aim is to provide the thrill to their users, and this is the main reason why it has gained the upper hand from their alternative and with the addition of this game into their system. The hype and success of the overall experience were on the next level. And the main attraction of the event was also this game as with the help of knack new clients attached to the development and PS4 on a higher and stronger note as the game has a considerable consumer base. Therefore with the help of their simple user interference, almost everyone can easily play and tackle the tuff situations of the game.


Shadow fall- a hardcore game which is the first shooting game in their class and the only game in the market which has its sound graphics, and this is the leading and primary reason why almost everyone loves the game on a massive scale. Therefore the overall graphics and ultra HD sound experience of the game is smooth and reliable. With the help of their sound, they have made it possible to attract their clients on a stronger note, and it also has lovely and straightforward tactics that are simple to understand and help the gamers to win from their friends. Adding on the game also has multiple gaming features from which one can easily play and compete with their friends and players around the globe.


Flower display- the gaming portal has a lovely gaming display in its pocket as they use the technology of their bra via a display, which helps them to enhance their overall look and presentation in a short time. And this is the main reason why gamers love to play on this tool because the devices have premiums, and they experience the best display, which improves their gaming time.