Annoying drivers

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson was in trouble again this year for describing the Isle of Sheppey in Kent as a giant caravan site, but he’s more than well known for bemoaning the number of caravans being driven on the roads and the desperation of getting stuck behind…

Where's Susan?

It’s Sunday and it’s seven a.m. and I’ve been up for quite a few minutes. This is fine now because the weather is nice and it always feels good to get a jump on an old day. Later, though, I will be yawning and rubbing my eyes like a child. I’ll need…

Typical Online Personas

Growing up we spend most of our time complaining that people don’t take us seriously enough. I know most teenagers think they know it all and no one realizes it or respects them for it. As an adult, most of us get over this though plenty of others do not. Most adults I…

Essential Tips for Safe MP3 Music Download

Downloading music is a convenient way to enjoy your favorite sounds. But, it’s important to be aware of the risks associated with downloading music from unsafe sources. Here are some essential tips for protecting your devices when downloading MP3 music from the popular online platform, Tubidy. 1) Install a Good Antivirus Program The first line of defense against any malicious code or software…
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The Pros And Cons Of Cable Television

With the emergence of internet TV, it’s no wonder why there is a sudden concern over the future of cable TV. Will it still be here in the next ten years? Is cable TV about to phase out? It’s a growing concern for some who prefer cable than internet TV.

So let’s break it down for you. Below are the pros and cons of cable TV for you to judge:

Connectivity and Stability

Pros: Having cable TV is convenient wherein you don’t rely on the internet for your shows. That means you don’t have to worry about getting disconnected in the middle of watching. You also don’t get to experience your video lagging. It’s simply a breeze watching shows on cable than on the internet.

Cons: Cable TV have their own share of connection problems such as blackouts due to weather conditions. But this doesn’t happen as often as internet service providers experiencing system failures.


Pros: Shows that appear on your TV are exactly what it says on the TV guide. They don’t move the times (unless a national emergency happens and shows are interrupted for a special news broadcast). So if you’re planning to spend your Saturday night watching your favorite show as planned, it’s going to happen.

Cons: What if you have something planned on Saturday night all of a sudden? One of the disadvantages of cable TV is the inability to choose the time you want to watch your shows. With internet TV, you can watch at any time at your convenience. Try Project Free TV. What is Project Free TV? This lets you watch shows you’ve missed. You can catch up on How to Get Away with a Murderer on Project Free TV any time.


Pros: For an affordable price, cable can give you the basic channels that carry movies, music shows, sports, series and the news. It’s all packaged to suit your basic viewing needs. It’s enough to keep you updated on the hit series and hottest music in the industry.

Cons: Some big channels are usually not packaged with the basic ones. You need to pay for an additional fee per channel to have it included in your bundle. It can get expensive when you add so much that you’re better off just purchasing a subscription fee from internet TV if all your favorite channels aren’t in cable.


Pros: Cable is available in the city as long as it is hooked up. You go to a friend’s house or a hotel, chances are they have cable.

Cons: Cable is not as accessible as an internet connection. For internet TV, all they need is a WiFi connection or wired internet connection and they can watch their shows. Even if they’re out camping and the signal is great, they can still enjoy binge watching movies. They can even carry a portable WiFi just to be sure. With cable, you won’t be able to do that.

Cable TV has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you to choose which ones you prefer.

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5 best Dating Tips On How You Can Find Your One True Love

People spend their lifetimes trying to find the best of everything. We try to make sense of things that are seemingly unfathomable and try to make a semblance of normalcy in a commonly chaotic world.

And as human beings, it is only natural that we try to find our perfect partner – the person who can light up your day even when you are going through the worst day in your life. We crave for that perfect fit, the companionship, and passion.

Any old couple who have been together for the longest time would tell you that there aren’t any mysteries on how you can make a relationship work. However, they would admit that a healthy relationship needs to be based on the following to make it work:

  • Mutual respect
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Support
  • Fairness/Equalty
  • Separate Identities
  • Good Communication
  • Sense of Playfulness/Fondness

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could share this with our one true love? And wouldn’t it be nice if found The One without experiencing major heartbreaks? Here are the best dating tips on how you can find your one true love.

Open Your Heart

Finding your true love means that you have to let the right person in your heart, and eventually into your life. But the crux of the matter is this: how would you know that he or she is The One? When you are shopping for furniture, the only way to make sure that you’ll get the perfect fit is to comb through a lot of other options. And it may mean going on dates with various people.

Be Mindful Of The Present

Of course, you want to look ahead into the future and try to see what kind of life you and your partner could build. But be mindful, you may miss a few crucial details by looking too far ahead. Remember that it is essential to form a strong connection in the present to create the best foundation for the future.

Be Yourself

If he or she is the right person, you need not to pretend to be something that you are not. He or she would accept you for what you are, no matter what. A relationship built on a lie isn’t a great way to start to a long and fulfilling relationship.

First Impressions Aren’t On The Menu

People are prone to judging others based on their first impression. And you shouldn’t fall to this trap. At first, the person you are dating might not look like the ideal partner to you. You may not be able to see all endearing characteristics on the first date. But give it a couple of dates, and you may be astounded to discover a diamond in the rough.

Be Receptive

Communication is a major factor in successful relationships. Many relationships have failed due to the lack of proper communication between the partners.

And by communication, we do not just mean the idle conversations. Although conversations are also an important part of a relationship, it is necessary that you know how to listen to your partner. And by listening, we don’t mean just hearing what the other person is saying.

By listening, we mean really listening to what the other person is implying and not just what he is saying. You must learn how to listen to using your heart.

Finding The One isn’t going to be easy. But you can use this list as a guidepost. And by following these tips, you might be able to find the right person who will share forever with you.

For more relationship tips, please visit ShallonOnline.


Painting Stripes on Walls

An important item when deciding on painting stripes on walls to consider is “contrasting your colors”. One should be brighter/darker enough than the other.
I’d suggest that you first try out a couple of stripes first before tackling the whole room. This way, if you don’t like the colors or even the spacing/width of the stripes, you can easily prime over them and start on a fresh slate.

Before painting stripes on walls, you will need to get the preparation done first, such as repairing any holes, patching, sanding and taping, etc. see my page on interior painting preparation for a quick refresher on the steps involved.

Ok, now you have chosen the two colors and finished prepping the room. The question people ask at this point is what color should they paint first? Simply put, it should be the lightest of the two colors or the “flattest” of the finishes.

Apply the first color now to the wall(s). You need to wait at least 24 hours for this coat to cure enough before moving onto the next step of using painter’s tape…

Measuring for Painting Stripes on Walls

For planning out the proper spacing of the stripes and sections, you’ll need to do a bit of math 🙂

When planning your walls, the stripes are usually between 4-10 inches wide.

Using a tape measure or long ruler, start marking out your chosen width at the top of the wall with a pencil – don’t use ink as it bleeds through most latex interior paints.

Some minor adjustments may be needed to keep an equal distance between the stripes for the length of the wall that you are painting.

It’s a good idea to then use a long level to transfer the final marks vertically to the bottom of the wall for each line and draw a light pencil mark down the full length so you can easily apply the painter’s tape. If you have a laser level on hand, all the better.

There is a 3M “Scotch” product called “Safe-Release Painter’s Tape” specifically designed for freshly painted surfaces and even shows a picture on the box of its use in painting stripes on walls! In at least, try to purchase a less-adhesive brand of painter’s tape.

Once you apply a length of painter’s tape along a vertical line, run a putty knife over the tape. This will help eliminate any seepage of paint under the tape.
Time to paint the darker, second color. Cut in the ceiling and bottom baseboard areas as normal with a good quality sash brush.

Using a small 4-inch roller, start applying the second color in the alternating sections. If your stripes are of a smaller dimension, you will have to find a smaller applicator or use a brush.

Once you’ve completed one wall, very carefully and slowly, remove the painter’s tape. This should be done while the paint is still fresh (semi-wet).

Personal Finance

Credit Repair Organizations for Consumers

Consumers all over the nation face monetary problems and need assistance in the management of their finances. In such a situation, the role of Consumer Credit Repair Services is very important. These companies help the consumer to recover from loss due to debt and mismanagement of personal funds. These organizations teach people how to organize their money and create an effective budget for following.

Credit Repair Service – Manage Financial Problems

Consumer Credit Repair Services teach to individuals the tricks of paying the creditors and yet save money. Consumer Credit Repair Services provide training to consumers on how to remain financially independent. People learn new techniques on financial management and slowly adopt them. People who need a way out of debt do not need to contact family and peers. Consumer Credit Repair Services can help the consumer get out of debt easily.

Purpose of Credit Repair Services

Firstly, consumers must know what a Consumer Credit Repair Service is and what does it too. These are organizations which are dedicated to helping consumers overcome their financial problems and save money. Such a service may be supported by the society or the local church associations.

What do Consumer Credit Repair Services do?

Consumer Credit Repair Service organizations teach the most basic aspects of finance to consumers first. Let it be paying monthly bills on the internet or filling the checkbook. People who own a business can also take help from Consumer Credit Repair Services.

People who work with such organizations have also felt a surge or financial setback in the past. Such people consider it best to involve a Repair Service in these problems and solve them.

Do Not Feel Shame – Share Financial Problems

Consumers who have emerged successfully from financial problems feel proud about it. However, most individuals consider it an act of shame to tell their financial problems to the family members. Consumers must not let their pride get in the way of future success and endeavors.

Solve Financial Problems Quickly

It is vital to understand that financial complications must be resolved as quickly as possible. Consumers cannot expect their problems to vanish in a day, thus struggle and dedication to this cause are important. Any city is likely to have many Consumer Credit Repair Service organizations which are interested in helping consumers.

Financial Counseling – First Step to Recovery

Consumers are advised to take out some time and get a meeting arranged with a Credit Repair Service organization`s representative. The process may be slow but the final results are worth the wait. It is in a consumer`s best interest that they pursue this cause wholeheartedly and not be afraid of setbacks.

Personal Finance

Credit Counseling Service that Cost You Nothing

Free consumer credit counseling service helps people to overcome debt and manage their finances. Advice for eliminating the need for credit cards and repayment of debt is given to consumers. Tips and strategies for improving credit ratings are also provided. Free consumer credit counseling agencies can be a big help to people who are struggling for financial independence. There are several organizations which offer free credit counseling.

Advertisements regarding such organizations are found either on television, internet or print media.

Free Consumer Credit Counseling Service

Free consumer credit counseling encourages the consumer to face financial problems with confidence. There are different pieces of advice for different people. Not everybody is in the same situation. Local organizations such as community service and the church may also provide relief to consumers by giving useful advice on debt management. It is important to have concrete information regarding the free consumer credit counseling company before working with it.

Research About Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies

The first step to recovery from debt is to start research about the company one wishes to work with. The consumer must have knowledge regarding the terms and condition of operation. Consumers must also know who monitors the organization and where its funding comes from. The specifications of the company must also be available to the consumer.

Take Help from the Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau can help the consumer is making a good choice. If there are any complaints against the company, the Better Business Bureau shall report it to the consumer. The process of being debt free is long and tiring. The more information a consumer has on this issue, the better it is.

Help for Debt and Finance Management

Free consumer credit counseling service is beneficial only if the consumer knows what it does. There are financial counselors which assist consumers in improving financial conditions. Help is available for debt management, improvement of credit scores and finance management for all consumers.

Counseling on Bankruptcy and Research

Free consumer credit counseling services are not regulated by law. These organizations operate independently and are not bound to any rules. For this reason, consumers must be well-informed regarding the free consumer credit counseling service. Credit advisors can solve debt problems and even help consumers for filing bankruptcy in the most critical of situations.

Benefits of Consumer Credit Counseling Services

Creditors even lower interest rates and terms of debt repayment due to consumer credit counseling services. Some even eliminate all the debt which is due for repayment on the consumer. Some consumer credit counseling services charge a small fee. Free consumer credit counseling services offer many plans. Unsecured loans and their repayments can be modified by some negotiation, but the same is not possible for secured loans.

Personal Finance

Idaho Falls Office: A Debt Counseling Organization

Idaho Falls Office is a non-profit company. It is working for the purpose to provide guidance and consultancy to those who are heavily burdened due to huge debts. These companies can be easily found in big cities. Wide branches of Idaho Falls Office are spread all over the world. This company provides free of cost services to their customers or charge a very low fee from them.

Idaho Falls Office: A Debt Counseling Organization and its approach:

Idaho Falls Office does its services for such customers who are heavily burdened due to debts. The approach adopted by the Idaho Falls Office is very simple and effective. Firstly they go through the financial status of the customer in detail. For this, they asked for the financial information of the client.

After attaining all the required financial information and data, they carefully investigate all the matters of the customer in detail. They make some recommendations for the client. They guide them about the ways and means by which the customer can get out of the financial crises and get their lives on the track again.

Confidentiality Of Information Of The Client:

The financial information and the data of the client are kept secret and confidential by Idaho Falls Office. Otherwise, no one will trust them. That is why they make them sure about the confidentiality of any information that is given to them by their client.

Professional And Experienced Staff:

Idaho Falls Office has experienced staff. Especially they have employees that had also gone through this phase of financial crises at any time in their life. That is why they can feel the pain of their clients and guide them for the best strategy.

One can also access online as well. An individual facing financial difficulty due to heavy debt burden can avail the services of Idaho Falls Office in settlement of their debts with the concerned companies.

Consulting Creditors:

Idaho Falls Office also consults the creditors for changing in the payment plan and the interest on these payments. They negotiate with the creditors to make things flexible for their debtors. It eases their clients to some extent in the payment of their debts.

Suggestion and Advice:

It is highly advisable to carefully investigate the company’s profile before entering into any contract with Idaho Falls Office.

Contact Idaho Falls Office: A Debt Counseling Organization
2086 East 25th St,
Idaho Falls, ID 83404

Phone: 208-535-0800
Fax: 208-535-2277


Economic group lands federal monies; Grant to fund creation of regional development strategy

The regional economic development organization that includes Colfax County has been awarded a federal grant to develop an economic development strategy for the entity’s seven-county region.

The North Central New Mexico Economic Development District will receive $180,000 through the federal Economic Development Administration to “assist with efforts to increase private capital investments and job creation in the region,” according to information from northern New Mexico U.S. Rep. Ben Ray Luján.

The district’s executive director, Tim Armer, told The Range Friday that the primary purpose of the money is to develop the region’s economic development strategic plan. He indicated the work would be done during the three-year cycle of the disbursement of the grant funds.

The district is made up of Colfax, Los Alamos, Mora, Rio Arriba, San Miguel, Santa Fe and Taos counties.

The process to create a strategy for regional economic development is designed to “bring together the public and private sectors to create an economic roadmap to diversify and strengthen the regional economy,” according to Luján.

Armer added the economic plan will include “issues and initiatives that are of importance to Colfax County.”

He described Colfax County as regularly providing “very good participation” on the district’s board of directors. He said the county’s representatives — County Commissioner Landon Newton, Raton City Commissioner Sandy Mantz, former Raton mayor Fred Sparks and former Cimarron mayor Mary Alice Tracy-Boyce — do well in representing the “interests of Colfax County.”

“A comprehensive strategy to promote economic growth is essential in the effort to attract businesses that can create jobs in the private sector,” Luján said of the work that will be funded by the grant. “These important federal funds will assist the North Central New Mexico Economic Development District in its ongoing efforts to support our communities and lay the foundation for a stronger economy and a brighter future in northern New Mexico.”

The grant award comes as Colfax County officials and representatives of local community organizations continue to work as part of a couple other groups seeking to develop better regional economic efforts. Those groups are the North Eastern Economic Development Organization that consists of seven northeast New Mexico counties and the Raton Basin Regional Economic Development District that consist of Colfax County partnering with Las Animas and Huerfano counties in Colorado.

Each of those groups was formed under the Stronger Economies Together program funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The federal government has been encouraging regional economic development in hopes that federal dollars awarded for economic development efforts will be used more efficiently.


Annoying drivers

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson was in trouble again this year for describing the Isle of Sheppey in Kent as a giant caravan site, but he’s more than well known for bemoaning the number of caravans being driven on the roads and the desperation of getting stuck behind one.

Caravan towers aside, which drivers or actions make other motorists fume? Research by a UK broker unsurprisingly found anything that compromised your own space or safety to be the most annoying, listing tailgating, cutting up or lack of indication amongst the worst offenses. In fact, a quarter of those who responded put not indicating the top of the list.

Perhaps it’s not always a deliberate action that causes annoyance. The research pointed out the difference between pedestrian behavior and motoring behavior: for instance, if we bump into someone whilst walking along it’s a natural response to say sorry, but in a car it’s not easy to get close eye contact and even if you pull a ‘sorry’ face it may not be seen. Easier perhaps to pretend nothing happened and drive on your way!

Are classic car owners more considerate drivers?

Whether the answer’s yes or no, you can rest assured that whether you tow a caravan or forget to indicate when turning, it won’t actually affect your Cherished Vehicle Insurance. And the specialist team at Cherished Vehicle Insurance will be only too pleased to maneuver you into the best possible classic car cover and price!


Tips On Creating Engaging Mobile Websites For Pharma Marketers

The world of pharmaceutical advertising and marketing always brings with it its own set of unique challenges… and designing a mobile site is no different. Here are some tips to help with the process.

Looking back, I feel it’s safe to think of 2011 as the year of the mobile website. At least, it was for me. I had the opportunity to be the User Experience Design lead on the creation of a pharmaceutical product’s mobile website. Remember the Mark Twain saying, “I would’ve written you a shorter letter but I didn’t have the time”? Well, when creating a mobile site less is definitely more.

Tips On Creating Engaging Mobile Websites For Pharma Marketers

Having a mobile presence for pharmaceutical products that are optimized for smartphones to engage the public is almost a requirement today. According to the Manhattan Research 2011 Year in Review 61 million consumers are using mobile devices for health, and smartphone consumers are twice as likely to use mobile websites rather than apps for health-related information.

Regardless of the industry, the objective of any mobile site is to be as intuitive and informative as possible. Crafting a site that is agile, engaging, and relevant requires a creative team to focus on only the most important information and actions. To do this, you need to find the right blend of relevant content with the user experience. Every piece of imagery, audio, video, and a copy is thoroughly thought-out, evaluated, re-evaluated, and then re-evaluated again to see how it relates to the whole experience. This basic formula is “the secret sauce” of a successful pharma mobile site.

With an artfully designed mobile site, a user is engaged and thinking only about the information they came for, not the mobile site navigation.

Mobile users are like information-seeking ninjas. Engage them with what they want fast or they leave as quickly as they arrived. Our multi-disciplinary team created the site by keeping the client’s objectives and the user experience always at the forefront. Here are a few helpful findings from our process. Think of it as Developing Pharma Mobile Sites 101.

The Content:

  • Use only easily digestible information and use no content of questionable value.
  • Base the content on data, and use site analytics to determine what people want.

The Design:

  • Keep the interface simple and intuitive.
  • Use high contrast visuals to keep the information legible.
  • The site’s navigation layers should be wide rather than deep—with relevant options near the top level of navigation.
  • Design a flexible layout from the beginning.
  • Prototype, evaluate, and re-evaluate. Rinse and repeat.

The Experience:

  • Don’t make the user think. Users should be able to find the information they want quickly and easily.
  • Use rich media and videos whenever possible. It’s more engaging and less work for the visitor than reading.

The Creation Process:

  • Take other mobile sites into account but don’t copy them. They may have done something right but use informed common sense to evaluate them and learn from their successes and failures.
  • It is an iterative process. Evaluate and re-evaluate. Rinse and repeat.
  • Create a finished product and don’t leave important elements until the next time the site is updated.

Tips On Creating Engaging Mobile Websites For Pharma Marketers

It’s important to have the first launch to be a quality-finished product. Don’t fall into the trap of saying, “It’s the web we can just change it later.” Just because online assets can be updated quickly doesn’t mean you should plan to put up a lower quality or incomplete site with the thought that it will be “fixed” in the next update. Taking a bit of extra time to develop a quality site the first time around can save time and effort down the road—especially when you consider the lengthy approval processes that pharmaceutical websites can require even for small changes. Updates to the site can then be strategic improvements based on the current data from the visitors using the new site rather than crutches to prop up a site that just limps along.

In 2012 the landscape will continue to change as mobile and tablet users evolve. One thing that won’t change is the challenge of presenting relevant information in an intuitive experience. It’s not rocket surgery, but it does take a commitment to have the user experience is baked into the mobile site from the beginning.

What was your most engaging experience on a mobile site?

Or better yet, what was your most frustrating mobile experience?


Where's Susan?

It’s Sunday and it’s seven a.m. and I’ve been up for quite a few minutes. This is fine now because the weather is nice and it always feels good to get a jump on an old day. Later, though, I will be yawning and rubbing my eyes like a child. I’ll need to do a sleeping cap and my eye-mask and hop into bed no later than eight p.m.! Eight p.m., can you imagine it? How embarrassing! How dreadful! How unlikely! It will never happen. I can most usually be seen howling at the moon all night long, going nuts, partying until the sun comes up.

Last Monday was my birthday, and I spent it well. I’m not too keen on birthdays, to be honest. It’s not that I’m sad about growing older. I’m aware that the transition from twenty-two to twenty-three is nothing special or impressive. I like celebrating the birthdays of others, and I remember a time when I was stoked on my own, but it’s been awhile. I wonder when the switch happened. Probably the year that I had a sleep-over and we watched IT because the film caused me to fear to shower, and dirty is no way to enter a new year of life.

Where's Susan?

I think I just don’t like the type of attention birthdays bring. It embarrasses me. While I’m sure it’s not as visible as I think it is, I get awkward and shifty about the whole thing. And also, I didn’t really do anything on that June 1st two decades ago. My mom did all of the work. She walked around the hospital corridors alone and tried not to barf while the big, fat, sweaty nurse with major body odor took blood and things in a tiny, June-hot room. While my heart feels squeezed when I think of that, it really was the most appropriate way for a difficult person like myself to arrive, and here I am, still.

So, I took off work Monday and hung out at Central Park. I snagged an epic spot and read a bit of P.G. Wodehouse. I also got a hair cut, used FAO Schwarz for their nice bathroom and ended up looking at all kinds of toys, and then ate Shake Shack for the first time. It was delicious and only made better by Tim Robbins being in line ahead of us. Vince noticed first and said, “Shawshank Redemption guy?” and I said, “Huh?” and he said, “In line ahead of us,” and I said, “WHERE’S SUSAN!?!?” At least, that’s how I remember the conversation.

Where's Susan?

I really love seeing celebrities, if we’re being honest. Not so much because of who they are, but because of how people, myself included, react to them. Once while I was enjoying some alcohol with Chelsea, I thought I saw Darrell Hammond. He’s not exactly on the top of his game or anything, but I was still young and excitable.

I nudged Chelsea and said, “Chelsea…CHELSEA….dodon’t….look….now…..but Darrell Hammond is right over there!” She proceeded to look around and I scolded her, “Don’t look like that, he’ll see you!” When she spotted the person I was talking about, she laughed at me and said, “That is not Darrell Hammond.” I meekly argued for thirty seconds before conceding that not only was it not Darrell Hammond, but also that it didn’t look anything like him at all. I had jumped the celebrity spotting gun, and Chelsea continues to make fun of me for it to this day.