Annoying drivers

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson was in trouble again this year for describing the Isle of Sheppey in Kent as a giant caravan site, but he’s more than well known for bemoaning the number of caravans being driven on the roads and the desperation of getting stuck behind one.

Caravan towers aside, which drivers or actions make other motorists fume? Research by a UK broker unsurprisingly found anything that compromised your own space or safety to be the most annoying, listing tailgating, cutting up or lack of indication amongst the worst offenses. In fact, a quarter of those who responded put not indicating the top of the list.

Perhaps it’s not always a deliberate action that causes annoyance. The research pointed out the difference between pedestrian behavior and motoring behavior: for instance, if we bump into someone whilst walking along it’s a natural response to say sorry, but in a car it’s not easy to get close eye contact and even if you pull a ‘sorry’ face it may not be seen. Easier perhaps to pretend nothing happened and drive on your way!

Are classic car owners more considerate drivers?

Whether the answer’s yes or no, you can rest assured that whether you tow a caravan or forget to indicate when turning, it won’t actually affect your Cherished Vehicle Insurance. And the specialist team at Cherished Vehicle Insurance will be only too pleased to maneuver you into the best possible classic car cover and price!