7 Cryptocurrency Merchants To Follow

In this digital age of time, digital money is being more popular to most of the people who do not want to carry cash due for some security reasons. Cryptocurrency secures the money transactions that are being done digitally, it keeps the record of all your transactions in a very secure way. There are many options nowadays that you can use cryptocurrency at, you can choose from the list that you can find by researching thoroughly and finding what is the best for you. Most of the banking system use this kind of technology. Check out Binance Autotrader for more information.

There are some people who have mastered their way with cryptocurrencies and you need to take note of them for you to be able to succeed in using cryptocurrency. They have invested a large amount of money and was able to grow it like trees. If you want to start cryptocurrency now, there are people who have been in the industry for quite some time and have been successful in the field. These people willingly share the knowledge that they have with cryptocurrencies and are willing to help those who want to enter the field. You can follow the people listed below for more information on how to keep up with cryptocurrencies.

  1. Michael Novogratz

Michael was ranked by Forbes as a billionaire in the years 2007 and 2008. He was the CEO of a cryptocurrency investment company named Galaxy Digital Holdings. He said that from 2016 to 2017, he gained $250 million with crypto currency. He froze his plans of starting his company fund dur to some market situations.

  1. Marc van der Chijs

He is commonly known for being both investor and businessman. He is also known as the cofounder of which is a video sharing site that can be considered as the Youtube counterpart in China. He was active in Bitcoin and blockchain after he moved to Canada in the year 2013. He has been active with cryptocurrency since then and was able to be the director of He is now also with Emercoin as an advisor. Check if he has social media and blogs to be able to follow his foot steps with cryptocurrency.

  1. Juthica Chou

Juthica was formerly with Goldman Sachs as an algorithmic trading specialist and she managed the derivatives trading of the company’s securities division. Her breakthrough started in the trading desk where she handled currencies, treasuries and products and then she moved to computerized trading. She is the president of LedgerX, not to mention the cofounder too. LedgerX is the very first system that allows people to buy bitcoins legally. This became the way for investors to engage in the abundance of cryptocurrency. She has her insights posted as a blog in LedgerX for the people who are interested in cryptocurrency.

  1. The Winklevoss Twins

Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron Winklevoss are twins that are entrepreneurs. The twins might also be famous for sueing Mark Zuckerberg , the founder of Facebook, for allegedly robbing their idea of a social networking platform. They cofounded ConnectU, which is a social networking site, together with their Harvard classmate. The twins were able to seed fund a bitcoin processor for payment. When they purchased $11 million value of coins from bitcoin, it was said that they were one of the first billionaires of bitcoin. They are the ones who handle Gemini now and is continuing with their ventures. They have also appeared in some TV shows and films. They have been popular and you can find their names somewhere in the internet, just make sure to follow them to get some insights on how they have been successful.

  1. Ari Paul

He is the cofounder of BlockTower Capital which is a company that specializes in cryptocurrency. He grew new techniques in energy items dependent on examination of the order stream. Financial specialists have invested money for BlockTower Capital. Additionally, Ari Paul has blogs that you might want to check out if you are interested in cryptocurrency.

  1. Tim Draper

His full name is Timothy Cook Draper who is a venture capitalist and founded Draper University, Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Draper Associates. He is a natural optimist and ventures in risky investments, even if he knows that the market is falling. He came from a family that knows the ins and outs of venture capitals. You can read his tweets and learn more from him.

  1. Barry Silbert

He founded Digital Currency Group as well as SecondMarket. Barry is a certified bitcoin investor and is known to be one of the most successful investors in the field. He gives away techniques and methods to those who are interested with cryptocurrency and how to be a successful investor.

Not being present for so long, the cryptocurrency industry has been gaining success when it comes to investments all over the world. Cryptocurrency can be so complicated that it can be very difficult for some people to understand the system. The people mentioned above have been successful in dealing with cryptocurrency industry for quite some time now. The very reason why they should be followed whether on social media or on their blogs. They can give people insights on how to handle the business well.

There are different platforms for cryptocurrencies nowadays. Bitcoin is one of the most tenured to penetrate the market and most of the cryptocurrency merchants listed above started with bitcoin. It is highly accepted by many in the market. Their transactions provide clear and concise transparency for the users. Another one is Ethereum which was started in 2015 and raised $18.5 million. Their block time is somewhat faster and easier than that of the bitcoin. Ethereum provides more functions than other classic cryptocurrencies. Ripple is another platform for cryptocurrency, this started during 2012 that is based on a ledger that is distributed. Its system is somehow like the bitcoin but it has higher level administration compared to bitcoin.