Top Five Benefits That Trade Financing Companies Get From Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology seems to be dominating the digital world. It is being used in many significant sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, and government application. One of the major industries that have been benefiting from the blockchain technology is trade finance. Financing is considered the fuel for global trade. So, it might not be difficult to spot that the market is dominating vital decisions about the new opportunities related to blockchain technology. However, the volume of the current financial trade depends on the efficiency and availability of financial solutions. Trade finance always tends to focus on mitigating and liquidity in both international and domestic transactions.

The traders involve exporter or seller of goods and services, importer or buying organization, and some other intermediates like financial institutions and banks. Moreover, buyers and sellers keep looking for improving the working cash flow and capital that can reduce the risk of supply. Unfortunately, the sector is not efficient and scalable to meet the current demands of the traders. That is why they want something unique and worthy that they can trust. There is no need to worry as blockchain plays a vital role in these transactions. Moreover, it is the introduction to the newest digitalized solutions. Let us discuss the benefits trade financing company gets from the blockchain technology.

  1. Security

Every transaction is going to be verified within the trading network by using validated cryptography. It means the authenticity of the entire information and also makes sure that the data is secured between unique financial institutions.

  1. Transparency

Blockchain technology has the ability to keep the record of the many details of the transactions made against the commercial agreements. It helps to improve the trust of the trader and hence reduces the risk of trading and also provides more options that allow trading in an effective way. Those who were looking to trade Bitcoin and didn’t find the right platform, then visit Bitcoin Circuit for doing a safe and secure transaction.

  1. Efficiency

One of the best parts of this blockchain technology is that there is no intermediate or third party for doing the transaction. It means the payments can be completed between the relevant parties by providing the digitalized information. With the rise of this technology, many parties are operating smartly between their contacts, which can automatically trigger some profitable actions. The process allows the users to cut down the extra costs and speed up the transactions.

  1. Auditability

Every transaction done through the blockchain network is recorded indefinitely and sequentially. This ensures that the trader does not face any problem while doing the transactions. The better verification process helps to provide asset authenticity and also reduces the additional cost. If you don’t want to pay any extra amount at the time of trading Bitcoin, then always remember to go for Bitcoin Circuit.

  1. Traceability

By using this technology, all the users can track assets and goods where they are residing at the current moment. Also, the information related to the asset is available on the profile of the supplier.

To sum up, all these are the benefits that trade financing companies get from the blockchain technology. The rapid increase in the use of this technology can also become the future of the global economy.

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Procedure to follow while shaving men’s pubic area

It is a trick to master how to remove pubic hair for men. The males are not still well-acquainted regarding the facts and rules about this basic personal hygiene method. It is incredibly essential for both men and women to keep that area clean and dry. Therefore, it is suggested that those less-acknowledged men become aware of some important rules before picking up a razor. 

These are the steps that are required to consider by the men before, while and after the shaving process: 

  1. Soak in warm water: When the targeted hairs to be removed are soaked in a tub filled with lukewarm water, and then it becomes much convenient for the person to trim those hairs because warm water has the properties to make it softer for cutting. Therefore, less or no pain will be noticed during the removal. 
  2. Use soothing agents: Prior to applying the shaving cream, it will be beneficial to apply some sort of creams or gels that work as soothing agents to the skin. It will loosen the skin elasticity that will make it easy for the blade to work inflow.   
  3. Trim down there: The third step is to shorten the extended pubic hair with a nice pair of scissors before the actual shaving process. You can find your best suitable trimmers for pubic area at online and offline stores. Take care of the scissors should not be rusted. 
  4. Select the blade: The length of the blade highly depends on the length of your pubic hair. If you are removing the hair after so many months, then you might need a longer bladed scissor. 
  5. Throw out the old blades: The old and dull pair of blades and scissors should be thrown right away when being noticeable. It will enhance the risk of getting tetanus and other severe diseases.   
  6. Apply shaving cream: After all the preparation has been done, then comes the time to apply chemical-free shaving cream on the targeted hair. It might need a fluffy brush to create the foam and spread it all over the area, or your hands might be enough as well.  
  7. Apply razor: The shaving cream helps to soften the pubic area, and the razor is then run through the respected area. It is suggested to hold the skin that needs the trim firmly on another hand.  
  8. Rinse the area: The hairs have been removed and wash it with cold water to rinse the extra shaving cream from the area. 
  9. Dry the pubic area: Dab a dry and clean towel onto the washed and hair-free pubic area. It is advised to use an extremely soft cloth for the dabbing process as the hard fur of the towel might cause redness and itchiness on the delicate skin.  
  10. Apply nice moisturizer: After everything is done, it is great to use a thick oil-based moisturizer or cream in the pubic area.


By following these steps, it will be a lot easier for men to remove the undesired hair from their pubic areas. It is recommended to choose the right kind of trimmer for your hair and skin. Applying an effective soothing agent and moisturizer is also a part of this process as these help the skin feel nourished and moisturized before and after the work is done. 


Are Quantum Computers A Threat To Bitcoins?

In this decade, a new digital currency was introduced to us, called Bitcoins. They changed how we used to see money and will probably change how we will see money in the future. New technology is something that is constantly changing our world in different ways. Quantum computers are also not very behind schedule on their technological advancements. We might come to a point where cryptocurrency would cease to exist because of Quantum computing.

The first question that comes to mind after reading Bitcoins and Quantum computers in the same sentence is that, how? How will this new technology change the digital currency? Will we no longer have the bitcoin circuit? We have the answers to these questions and many more that might come to your mind.

What are Quantum computers?

The computers that we know and use nowadays are just a part of what Quantum computers are capable of. They are currently being used in academic institutions and certain companies because of their cost and advanced technology. In the near future, this know-how will become more accessible to us which is why quantum computers pose a threat to the cryptocurrency world. They are very powerful computers which have the capability to break most of the encryption schemes being used in today’s technology.

How would Quantum computers affect cryptocurrency?

The meek reason quantum computing will affect cryptocurrency is that the technology that bitcoins use today will become vulnerable when quantum computers are made more accessible to us. The knowledge used by them today relies on encryption where a private key controls a network at the end, keeping all funds safe.

All the private keys used in this system are extremely difficult to even guess with the kind of expertise we have today. When quantum computers come into play, they can easily get access to these keys with their advanced algorithms. This is when user funds would not be protected like they are now.

One would think, why can’t we update the technology of the cryptocurrency as well? In future, the mainstream system used today would be updated but at the cost of larger block sizes. The fact that cryptocurrency is a technology of today and that it will become something of the past comes above all.

Would mining still be possible?

Most of the cryptocurrency system is related to mining. The cryptographic problems that miners take a lot of time to solve in return for block rewards would become much easier if the user has access to a quantum computer. In a normal scenario, bitcoins are not controlled by one user so, one single user can’t gain power over the network.

In the other setting where anyone user has a quantum computer, he/she would be able to quickly solve these problems and probably expose the network to an attack. Although Quantum computing becoming more accessible would probably result in more than one user having access to a quantum computer. For this reason, mining might not be as affected as the entire cryptocurrency.

Is there a Quantum computing resistant technology today?

It is not all bad when it comes to Quantum computers and bitcoins. The only thing that can help is that the cryptographic world would have to adapt with the new technology in order to stay put. It might not be a big deal for the ones who have been working with a Quantum resistance from the beginning itself. There are a few systems that can resist the new technology that would come in.

Changing technology now is a difficult task to manage. The complex quantum-resistant schemes are hard to break, but they are not very hard to develop if the thought of from the beginning. There is no requirement for a specific quantum computer as well for this to be implemented. The only reason, some altcoin developers are safe today because they had thought of something like this before they developed their schemes.

Is internet security at risk?

Bitcoins are a small part of the digital world we live in. There’s a lot that we access on the internet on a daily basis. A question also arises, would it be safe to use the internet anymore, with such powerful computers coming in? The answer is definitely no but quantum resistant technology is also being developed alongside the Quantum computing itself.

Companies like Google are putting in the effort to text these Quantum resistant technologies on their level to ensure that internet security is improved when things become vulnerable at the hands of the new technology. Truth be told, this is something that will keep happening. We will always have new things coming, and more schemes would be developed in order to combat the new technology.

As far as cryptocurrency is concerned, the benefits of the Quantum resistant technology being developed, are not confirmed. Hacking into the network of bitcoins is also not an easy task, so it is not as bad as it might seem. Quantum computing is still something that exists in the third world and takes a lot of effort to carry out today as well. Hence, just getting access to a Quantum computer will not change the bitcoin system entirely, but will surely affect it in many ways, alongside many other aspects on the internet.


Low Cost Advertising for Small Businesses: Trash Bag Signs You Make for Your Small Business

Some new business owners have plenty of money to purchase whatever they may want or need for their business but others are strapped for cash after opening shop. Your business doesn’t have to suffer because you don’t have big advertising bucks, though. Make your own signs, for instance, and you can talk to potential customers with little or no money.

If your shop has a window in the front you’re in business! You can make a multitude of signs – one for each and every occasion – and spend only a few dollars on the entire collection. The signs can easily be displayed in the front window to grab the attention of potential customers.

The trick to making cheap and fabulous signs is a box of trash bags! Cut out lettering, numbers – even objects – from the trash bags and stick them to the window. Static cling will usually keep them on the window, but if that isn’t working for you, dampen each letter slightly and they will stick to the window until the day you remove them.
You’ll want to place the lettering and such on the inside of the window so that they can’t be stolen or lost. That means you’ll have to cut the mirror image of each letter or number. Shapes sometimes don’t matter. For example, if you cut the shape of a tree it won’t matter if you use the regular shape or the mirror image.

Advertise your weekly specials, invite new customers to have a discount, or just plaster the name of your business on the window. Cut the shapes from colored trash bags or the typical black or white types of bags. Use stencils or even cookie cutters to create other images. Draw around the cookie cutters then cut out the shapes. The technique makes it easy to create holiday designs for your windows, too. Cut cookie cutter shapes like reindeer, stockings, pumpkins, Easter eggs and more.

It’s a good idea to store the letters and other images, for each sign, and a separate envelope. On the outside of the envelope you can write “Christmas”, “April Special” or even “umbrellas and rainbows”. This makes it easy to remove the old sign and put up a new one in minutes.

Another cheap sign you can make involves trash bags once again. Lay the bag out flat and attach a dowel or stick on each end. You can use tape to attach the sticks to the trash bag. Purchase a sheet of large stickers to create your sign. Advertise whatever you wish then place the sign in the yard or elsewhere. Insert the sticks in the ground, stretching the bag between them, and you’ve created a simple but effective sign.
To make the sign a little more stable slip a piece of thick cardboard into the trash bag then flatten the bag once again. Attach the sticks to the edges and place the sign where you wish. The cardboard will keep the sign from blowing as much as it will when empty.

Starting a small business is very exciting, but sometimes, you simply find yourself without everything you need. When it comes to signs, though, you won’t find yourself at a loss. Anytime you want you can sit down and make yet one more.

There are other ways to make the trash bag signs stand out, too. Try colorful tape to make borders or stripes for your signs, or cut designs from adhesive paper and stick them to the trash bag shapes. You’ll have fun making the unique signs and you’ll be thrilled at how much money you’ve saved. These tips will allow you to have the best CRM for small business like yours.


Hannah Montana Dress Up Games - Play Online!

What little girl doesn’t know who Hannah Montana is? None I believe is that answer. I know both of my daughters know who the Rock Star is. So I went to the internet to see what kinds of Dress Up Games I could find for them to try. Well, the answers might surprise you. All roads apparently lead to the same game. At least most of the websites that I visited did.

So the game is called Rock Star Fashion Challenge. Quite appropriate! It is quite an interesting game that actually has some challenge and thought process involved. Capable of both single and multiplayer features it is a more interactive game than many that are out there. It combines a memory game and a points based game. The mission is to get Hannah Montana ready for her concert. A photo of the outfit that she needs to wear is shown to you. Then, after it is taken away you get to search through Hannah’s closet and match the outfit with what was shown. If you don’t get it done before the limo arrives then Hannah Montana will miss her concert. You earn points based on how quickly you dress her and how much of the outfit is correct. This is a wonderful game for the young ladies through preteens. This game can be accessed through a variety of websites:,,, and probably others. Those are just a few that directed me to the Hannah Montana Dress Up Rock Star Fashion Challenge.

At and I found a doll dressing game. You could dress Hannah Montana in an outfit that you picked out. There were very nice colors of outfits and such. But the downside was that there wasn’t much in the way of choices. There were only a few. But you could send your doll via email to a friend. Also, you could get the html code to put your Hannah Montana Doll onto a Myspace account. I thought this game was way to simplistic for children old enough to have a Myspace account. It was really geared for younger children that are way to young to be alone on the internet.

Another type of Hannah Montana doll maker that I found was called Marapets. The doll itself was pretty cute, but not really much could be done with it without getting an account. While the account is free, it was too much work just to make a Hannah doll. You couldn’t do hardly anything without gaining that account. But that site had quite a few different dolls from which to choose.

There were tons of things that came up with a Google search for Hannah Montana dress up games. These were the best ones found on the first page of the list. I highly encourage all Hannah Montana fans to try the Rock Star Fashion Challenge. You could feel like Lily while you play! As you rent a Garry’s Mod server, you can seamlessly enjoy online gaming experience. This is a really great way to enhance your gaming experience as well.

Internet And Businesses Online

Steps On Creating Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

In this bitcoin era, bitcoin investing platforms like Bitcoin Circuit is the new norm. However, that doesn’t mean that normal ways of getting into cryptocurrency like establishing your own wallet are not lucrative. In this article, we will discuss how you can create your own crypto exchange platform. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Set up the functional range of your crypto exchange

Regardless of whether you wish to operate on the global market or restrict yourself to a certain area or nation, you will generally have to get the required certification and authorizations for your business. This is a requirement before you can open a bitcoin exchange in accordance with your functional range. Laws and regulations differ from one place to another, for this reason, check with a legal professional concerning the certification and conformity with local legislation.

  1. Evaluate the country’s rules and consent specifications

Nearly all governing bodies demand companies which are engaged within the currency exchange industry to follow the KYC regulation, also known as Know Your Customer. KYC can be defined as the course of action in which a company confirms the identification of its clients by means of checking IDs issued by the government. The primary objective here is to dissuade people from using the currency exchange as a platform for money laundering. Be sure you comply with your local and national KYC rules and incorporate an appropriate customer confirmation process within your exchange. If not, you may be asking yourself at some point why the authorities are all of a sudden going after you.

  1. Have a partnership with a financial institution, transaction processor, or bank

You will have to seek partnership with a traditional bank or transaction service provider to deal with transfers by means of fiat money. Selecting a reliable financial institution with a variety of amenities on the internet is a great option. This is much more appropriate in building a cryptocurrency on places in which banks are deprived of a facility in order to start an immediate bank transfer on the internet. Financial transactions might take as much as 2 days before it proceeds. Joining up with a traditional bank that has quick approval and pay out of money will offer comfort to your client. Depositing and withdrawal of fiat money can be computerized by way of payment portal or can even be accomplished through regular remittance.

  1. Generate Liquidity within your crypto exchange

Any kind of exchange requires ease of purchase and sale to run effectively. Your user base tends to be cautious to place purchases or even put in money except if they can observe a full purchase book and investing activity within your platform. Brand new exchanges normally come across liquidity problems. There are some methods to generate liquidity for your exchange. You can easily reproduce buying and selling action in your exchange by purchasing and selling among 2 or more artificial trading accounts in your exchange. It is also possible to put into action an API platform which links your crypto exchange to an additional pre-existing exchange. Lastly, you may sign up for an entire system of cryptocurrency exchanges like Trust-Deposit that will connect all of the exchanges who signed up. Joining a big network of crypto exchanges will provide the best liquidity possible.


Exploring The Idea That Caffene Can Help You Lose Weight

We see all these tiny celebrities photographed clutching cups of Starbucks and running around with coffee cups that are bigger than they are. They look like they live off the stuff! It’s commonly believed that caffeine will help you lose weight. It’s said to raise your metabolism and help you burn calories. There is a fad drink in the US right now that is packed full off caffeine and because of the high levels of caffeine it makes you twitch and shake. It’s said this will help you lose weight because your burning calories as you are moving more.

Coffee is the main source of caffeine in a person’s diets other than fizzy drinks. On average many people will drink between 2-3 cups a day. With dozens of people drink a lot more than this. Coffees caffeine content is very high between 80-120mg per 8oz cup.

Caffeine is said to raise the metabolism and increase the amount of calories you burn. But this isn’t the whole story. In many cases caffeine can prevent weight loss by slowing down your metabolism. Drinking coffee releases endorphins. This can make you feel better and raise your metabolic levels. So you not only feel good you feel a bit more awake and perky! The good part about that is that when drunk before exercise it can act as an aid to making you exercise for longer s you are less tired.

However, caffeine raises the cortisol levels, which could leave you feeling a lot more hungry As cortisol is a stress hormone, the body programmes itself to build up fat in stressful situations. The tummy area normally results from this kind of fat build up due to the elevation of cortisol.

To help your body not to raise the cortisol levels, you need to think about the way you’re going to drink your coffee. Eating a breakfast with your morning coffee can help reduce the stress levels caffeine puts on your body. Don’t drink coffee when you have an empty stomach, especially in the morning. Think about how you’re going to drink it, if you’re not an espresso fan try an Americano or add a dash of milk. Try if you can not to have sugar, good quality espressos do not need sugar. Consider adding espresso to water which makes it easier to drink without adding sugar or milk

Remember that if you want to lose weight you do need to reduce your calorie intake, exercise and a lot of effort! Don’t give up your coffee break! It is a bit of a hit and misses with caffeine and weight loss. Think about what your drinking, drink it in moderation, and don’t drink it when you’re hungry!

Important point to remember is the recovery time associated with coolsculpting. Coolsculpting is the #1 non-invasive, FDA-cleared procedure.


Liposuction - Speedy Recovery Guide After Surgery

When all other weight reduction methods and procedures have failed, liposuction offers a fairly reliable way of reducing the stubborn fat from areas like the buns, arms, legs, hips and abdomen.

Liposuction for men in Michigan is quite costly but it guarantees in getting rid of fat.

This operation falls in the general category of cosmetic surgery and is not considered as part of the main stream medical procedure.

The effects of the liposuction operation and the recovery period will vary from one person to another and will depend also on the extensiveness of the operation and where it was performed. As a rule of thumb, the following can be expected when one contemplates undergoing the procedure:

– Full recovery can take up to three months

– The pain of the operation will normally last up to 10 days

– Numbness may continue for a few months while the damaged nerves are reconnected.

– The swelling should disappear in about a fortnight.

These times given are very general and should not be taken as fixed. Medical advice should be sought if the recovery seems to be taking long as there could be other factors causing the delay or speeding up the recovery.

Everyone who has liposuction will experience some degree of discomfort and pain for some days following the procedure, but one can expect to resume work, with the doctor’s sanction in within a fortnight. An analgesic will be required, at least for the first few hours or days after the operation, but must be discontinued as soon as possible. No heavy exercises should be attempted for at least a month, without medical advice to the contrary as this could damage the stitching or cause infection.
While liposuction will remove the excess body-fat the process is temporary. An exercise, diet regime or both must be followed to prevent the fat building-up again.

Below are some steps that will guide you in increasing the speed of recovery while maintaining a high level of health.

– Have someone with you during the first few days following surgery as fainting has been know to occur.

– Drink a lot of liquids like water, health concoctions and fruit juice. Do not imbibe intoxicating substances that contain alcohol. It is also recommended that alcohol be stopped before the operation as it can adversely affect the recovery.

– Avoid swimming or any water sport and do not be tempted by the Jacuzzi or sauna either as infection could set in to your detriment.

– Reduce the threat of infection by not using harsh cleaning substances at/near the affected area.

– Change the dressing at the recommended intervals.

– Do not use anything like ice, hot water or ointments to the skin for the pain or swelling as this could retard recovery.

– Seek medical advice on the type of pressure wear you will put on post-operation. This should allow drainage to take place without encouraging infection.

– Avoid tight fitting or heavy clothing during the recovery period. Clothing made from cotton materials is highly recommended.

– You may want to use the services of a trainer or masseur after you recover.


How Paydex Scores Affect How You Obtain Business Credit

If you are like many business owners, you have never even heard of Paydex, much less fully understand how this number is the key to how to obtain business credit based solely on your Employer Identification Number (EIN) and not on your social security number.

Paydex is a rating system developed by Dun and Bradstreet (D B;), the nation’s leading business and financial reporting service. D B; is the authority when it comes to business credit. They provide reports to other credit agencies, banks and financial institutions, as well as other businesses on the payment record of other companies. D B; compiles data from their business members who report on the payment habits of their customers, vendors, distributors, and suppliers.

Unlike your personal FICO score, a Paydex score does not take into consideration the amount of debt your business carries, or if you have too much credit, or not enough. Paydex is mostly concerned with one thing: do you pay your bills consistently and on time?

Business credit is rated DAILY, not monthly and that the reasons why most business owners are always concerned about, how to better manage my money which is a big threat for their business if they don’t do so? Every single time you pay a bill early, your score can be improved. Every time you pay a bill even one day late, your score can be hurt. A Paydex score of 80 means you pay every bill exactly on time, on the due date. Whether that due date is in 30 days, or 10 days, or 90 days, you pay exactly when it’s due. A Paydex score of 75 means you pay an average of 5 days late; 70 means your company on average 10 days late. If you always pay 5 to 10 days before the due date, your company may have a Paydex score of 85 or higher. There are other factors, such as amount of payment, but timeliness is by far the biggest influence in the score.

The Paydex Score is regarded by many in the business community as the single most important indicator of good business management and financial stability. Companies with no presence in the D B; database, or with low Paydex scores often have difficulty making supply and credit arrangements with other businesses. Having a low Paydex score will often require companies to have to pre-pay all or part of their orders in advance. This can often cause cashflow issues, putting the business at significant financial risk. On the other hand, companies with high Paydex scores (80 and above) can enjoy reduced interest rates, favorable payment terms, and access to money when they need it to improve their business.

If a business finds it may have trouble paying an account that is reporting to D B;, the company needs to be proactive in protecting their business credit reputation. Once a company is “red-flagged” in the D B; system, there is almost no remedy to get it removed. So as soon as a business realizes they may be in financial trouble, they need to contact a D B; representative and have them review their file and their Paydex score. D B; may delay negative reporting for companies who contact them directly and can verify that they have made payment arrangements with their creditors. D B; is also willing to help a company obtain letters of reference from satisfied customers and suppliers who are willing to back your creditworthiness.

Much like the ins and outs of personal credit is not taught frequently in high school or college, how to obtain business credit is not taught frequently in many business schools or business books, either. As a business owner, you need to learn this information for yourself, often by trial and error. The problem is that an error in establishing business credit can have devastating consequences you are unaware of until it’s too late.

There’s a new ebook on the subject, Money in the Bank: A Step-by-Step Guide to Establishing Business Credit, available from author Katryna Johnson, J.D., of Success Point Consulting. This introductory guide shows a business owner the proper steps to take, in sequence, to obtain business credit that will allow the company to access business loans. Some of the steps covered are the five required prerequisites that must be done before applying for credit, which creditors are most likely to grant business credit to a company with no history, how to build a D B; company profile, how to know if companies are reporting your payments to D B;, and more.


Cryptocurrency- A Future Replacement for Cash?

There are three different time periods in the life of a person-past, present and future. All three of them are interlinked and interrelated to each other and share a deep bond amongst themselves due to the roles they play in shaping the life of an individual as they can both make and break it.

It is written in the good books that it is the person himself who establishes his present and future based on his deeds. Do your deed and don’t think of the consequences, is what we are taught right from childhood.

Your past deeds are witness to where and what you are in the present. The deeds committed and the decisions made in the present will show up in the future and there will be no escaping it.

What has been pre decided, it will definitely happen and you will have meet it when it does and face it like a man whether you like it or not. It has to be kept in mind that you and only you are responsible of the consequences of your actions and once any decision, be it right or wrong, is taken it cannot be reversed but can only be redeemed by starting out afresh.

A human being is nothing but a statue, chiseled out by god who is full of mistakes. There is not one person in existence who has not committed any mistake at sometime or the other and there is nothing wrong in admitting it as it will not make you small or inferior, quite the contrary.

It means that you are nothing but human with flaws and emotions and this is what differentiates you from non-humans. Why, even animals today who cannot speak in words, are emotional and tender in nature and often considered man’s best friend.

To be honest, animals are much more ‘human’ from the inside that neatly reflects through their deeds while, in stark contrast, human beings are becoming more of ‘animals’ in their behavior and tendencies.

It has been proven time and again that the most dangerous species of beings in the entire world are humans. One who can read, write and communicate more accurately and knowledgeably with not only each other but also to animals, birds and other non-human species.

But what has been seen is that humans use their mind and intelligence in a diabolical and inhuman manner not to provide benefit but cause harm to fellow humans and living beings and the world in general because they want to be leaps and bounds above others and rule the world.

The whole new crypto-currency market of the 21st century had started out with similar expectations through its parts like bitcoins, litecoins and ethereums and were hoping to replace their paper and plastic counterparts that were in existence (money and credit/debit cards).

The most popular branch of the digital currency is the bitcoin, which came out in 2009 and held swayed everyone around the world by revolutionizing the digital market and proving to be the new role model for other valid currencies that were legal tender bills made by the government. The bitcoin circuit is witness to the phenomenon.

But after the initial watershed, it quickly became a waterloo of sorts as its standing in the market became dubious and therefore it sunk into abysmal depths and is today nothing more than a wannabe currency of sorts.

So to call crypto currency as future of money is not only an exaggeration but a foolish statement due to it falling out of favor with the people.