"Healthy" Fast Food: America's Biggest Oxymoron

Seldom today can one go anywhere without being bombarded by food advertisements. Whether it’s a high-rise billboard or a ten second radio commercial, food has worked its way into the everyday lives of Americans. Food has become more then a mere staple of life; instead it has found itself as a source of comfort, a cure for boredom, or an object to be consumed for no other reason then the sake of consuming it. In today’s busy society, fast food is convenient, and the convenience alone is enough to generate sales. America has recently found itself in the middle of what can be described as nothing other then a health craze, and the fast food industry has done much on its part to keep up.

Almost every fast food restaurant now offers some version of healthy food, whether it’s a salad, veggie burger, or fruit parfait. Subway boasts its “seven subs with 6 grams or less” of fat. Wendy’s now offers salads to fit all types of personalities and tastes, and Arby’s has its large Market Fresh sandwiches. McDonalds has no doubt gone the farthest with the healthy food trend, offering an “adult happy meal,” which consists of a salad, fruit parfait, and pedometer to keep track of the amount of steps taken in a day. Such meals can make you fat which isn’t a good thing, those who are fat  they are facing a lot heath issues and they can wear those old clothes because of fat thighs, Do you want to get rid of fat on your thighs.

But much skepticism follows this sudden “healthy” fast food binge, and one is left to wonder if all this is just to good to be true. Why, almost out of nowhere, do restaurants start serving up this nutritious and life giving food? What exactly prevented them from serving these items years ago? Maybe fast food presidents have developed a conscious and are no longer able to sleep at night knowing somewhere a person is withering in turmoil as their gallbladder is ripped apart from the inside out by acidic, artificial, artery clogging food. Or perhaps it is because the fast food industry has seen a terrifying drop in sales. McDonalds reported its first drop in sales in 2002; a drop of eleven percent from the previous year. [CBS Market Watch, 2002] For the king of all fast food to report its first loss in profit ever must have been a horrific awakening for all other fast food `industries. Health is no doubt the last thing on the mind of the fast food franchises; if it were, healthier food would have been sold well before profits began to drop.

The healthy items fast food restaurants now serve may to the naked, untrained eye appear completely natural and healthy, and in a very limited case, some items are. A salad from Wendy’s, no matter what the kind, is healthy. That is, it is healthy until they give you the chili to pour on top of it, corn chips to smoosh into it, the sour cream to dowse it in, and the Sprite to wash it all down with.

McDonalds has now devoted an entire section of their website solely to health and fitness. They boast healthy food items on their menu that are good for you and can be part of every balanced diet. There top healthy choices are the Fruit and Yogurt Parfait, the Chicken McGrill, and their array of many different salads. On the McDonalds website, the ingredients listed for a Chicken McGrill are “Grilled Chicken Breast Filet, Sesame Seed Bun, Lettuce, Tomato Slice, Mayonnaise.” The ingredients sound harmless enough. Unfortunately, upon further inspection, however, this “healthy” sandwich is no better for the body then anything else on the menu. The sesame seed bun contains, among other things, enriched bleached flour, high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, mono- and diglycerides, diacetyl tartaric acid esters of fatty acids, ethanol, and sorbitol. [, 2005] Anyone with a dictionary could quickly deduce that these ingredients are merely a “heart attack on a bun”, or in this case, in a bun.

Burger King has taken steps similar to McDonalds, and they also now have a section of their website devoted solely to nutrition. The opening line on their nutrition page, in bold writing, states “Establishing a healthy, balanced diet is much easier if you have the right tools at your disposal.” Does Burger King honestly think they have the right tools to establish a balanced and healthy diet? Ha! One “healthy” meal from Burger King consisting of a Tender Crisp Salad with Caesar dressing, a fish sandwich, and a box of orange juice has over 1180 calories. [, 2005] For the average working person, this is over half of their daily recommended intake value.

Apparently, to honestly eat healthy in a fast food restaurant, you must order a salad sprinkled with various veggies and no dressing-the dressing at fast food restaurants are fat and preservative packed-and a bottle of water. Nothing else. The problem with this is that humans are not rabbits; man cannot live on grass alone. We need fiber, protein, and good, complex carbohydrates to live, and we need this without a massive amount of calories, fat, sugar, and salt. It is impossible to receive this nutrition from a fast food restaurant without overdosing on something that will flop you into an early, over-sized grave. The truth about “healthy” fast food must be brought to light before Americans eat themselves right into a fat induced penguin waddle, and we all end up looking like the Pillsbury Dough boy.

Fast food is a lot of things. It is convenient, it is affordable, and it is poorly made. What it is not is healthy. Americans need to realize that just because something says it is healthy does not necessarily make it so, and that many things are health only when used in moderation, food included. Fast food, as of today, is not healthy. It is still the same artery clogging slug it was last decade, only now, it has a prettier face.


Buttock Augmentation

The booty business is booming. Although Jennifer Lopez received that most hype, there are plenty of other women in Hollywood and in every nook and cranny on the face of this earth with pleasantly plumped bottoms. Brazil claims to be the birthplace of creating beautiful buttocks. Buttock implants have been popular among the natives and worth the trip for tourists that also wished to maximize, minimize or re-shape.

ASAPS (America Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) estimate a total of nearly 4000 butt implants were performed between the years of 2003 and 2004. This count of “bottom” feeding skyrocketed within months and became just as or more popular than breast implants. Coincidently, just like breast implants many of the patients are seeking a more sumptuous rear-end, increased confidence and obviously a new beginning being that the highest percentage are 35 years of age and up.

Surgeons and collective legions of surgeons insist that most patients understand that plastic surgery should not be thought of as an easy route to perfection but viewed as improvement. And although all will boast and brag of their accomplishments and successful procedures, they will also encourage someone who is considering butt augmentation surgery, to shop around. All surgeons do not perform this surgery, regularly. You should search for a surgeon that does at least one butt implant surgery per week.

Types of Procedures Being Performed

Fat Transfer Injections
During this procedure, fat is extracted from one body part and then injected into the layers of your buttocks.
This procedure is simple because the body will not reject its own fat in which liposuction is used to remove fat from back, thighs, tummy or hips. The final results of this procedure can not full determined until the recovery period because there is no way to know how much fat will be absorbed. Sometimes it is necessary to undergo multiple procedures to achieve the desired shape and size.


Implants are solid silicone inserts that are placed between the cheeks, below the gluteus muscles, and above the pelvic bone. This so it will not move. This procedure is suggested for smaller boned patients because there is usually not enough fat to extract from their bodies for the latter procedure.

Risks and Complications

Now there is the regular pain and stiffness that should be expected following any surgery for anything. Most patients are prescribed something for the pain, antibiotics and inflammatory medications. If you have heard that butt implants could shift, well yes, they can go awry and cause the butt to look lop-sided. There is also a possibility of the implants rupturing but consider this a rare occurrence and don’t let it affect your decision.


There is a host of people who would get cosmetic procedures if only they had an extra $5000 lying around. The range for most butt augmentation procedures is between $3000-$1000. Start your budget at about $4000 to be safe. There is also an option to finance. Just like a car or house, you can put your booty on a payment plan.

The Legwork That Must Be Done…Research, Research, and More Research

Word of Mouth for Your Butt

It is very natural and heavily suggested to ask for references. There are patients who have happily agreed to share their experiences. Ask for testimonials, direct contacts or to see a sample of the procedure being performed. This is sure to help solidify your decision.

Know What You Want

This is not one of those things where you go to a doctor, pick a butt you like, buy it and leave the office. According to your height, weight and body type, seek out shape and size that would compliment you. Pictures of what you like would be great, wonderful even. Draw one if you have to. Present this to the surgeon that you are considering so that you are both on the same page. Divulge all information concerning your current state of health including medications you are taking, your diet and exercise regimen and what you are expecting from the surgery.

What’s Up Doc?

Your preferred surgeon should, explain the options thoroughly. ALL of the question marks in your head, should be answered before you swipe your credit card. What it will cost? Is financing offered? What procedure he/she thinks will be best for you? What type of anesthesia will be used? What happens during the procedure? Who assists in the surgery? What to expect during recovery? What are the risk/complications? What will happen when you come back into the office after the surgery has healed and settled?

Most plastic surgery veterans will tell you to find out as much as you can and to not think of any question as a stupid. It’s your body and you cannot afford to be an experiment. All plastic surgery is a life decision and should not b e approached as just something to do.

The process is similar to sculpting and the best surgeons are the sculptures. You just need to see the body sculpting before and after pictures for yourself to believe it.


From Bitcoin to No Coin - How easy it is to crumble down to no value?

Technology is a wonderful innovation that has brought great revolution throughout our history. It has advanced from an ancient old currency to a digitized version of money. Now it sounds like there is a problem in the crypto world. What should be going uphill is instead tumbling downhill with at an alarming rate. And instead of the safe haven that they were supposed to be, they have become the dangerous ground.

Bitcoins were introduced into the market to take over the centralized system where the government and other bodies used to regulate the economy and currency. Hence, the bitcoin innovation nullifies that control. But as it climbed its way up the ladder into people’s minds, in the same manner, it is also drastically declining. Due to modern innovations, people are too used to easy work and do not feel like working hard. However, Bitcoins involve a lot of work and time investment.

Now one must wonder what factors are responsible for bitcoin’s value

Demand and supply of Bitcoins in the market

There are a lot of factors that determine the price of Bitcoins. The demand and supply are the primary factors that matter in a business. As the saying goes on “Simple Economics and simple logic”. The Bitcoin prices are directly proportional to the demand and supply for the coins present in the market. When demand increases, the supply decreases and vice versa. Now the supply of bitcoin is affected in 2 ways-

First, the protocol of bitcoins allows the new bitcoins to be introduced at a specific fixed rate, which is designed to slow over time.

And second, that the supply may also be affected by the number of bitcoins existing. The bitcoins are no longer created once the count reached 21 million.

Once they reach the existing value, the prices of the bitcoins depend on if they are considered to be practical, legal and in demand.

Cost of production through Mining

So, what if they are virtual, Bitcoins need to be produced, and they involve a cost of production, the electrical consumption is the main factor. Bitcoin mining involves solving complex mathematical algorithms which are solved by the computer servers around the world. Only one bitcoin block is found by solving the bitcoin algorithm, that happens every 10 mins. The more people join in, the more complex the next algorithm is made.

Currency exchanges

Just like in stock marketing, the cryptocurrency investors trade cryptocurrencies with other monetary availabilities. The more popular it becomes, the more attention it gets, and more participants get involved.

Contrarily, a value of bitcoin can drop to zero with other factors like the regulations and legal matters affecting the popularity of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.  Now with the rapid popularity of bitcoins, the security commissions around the world are in conflict on whether to support it or be against it, which creates uncertainty.

Bitcoins are not used actively by everyone. They have failed to fulfil the purpose they were created for. They are accepted by some and used by some, as the transaction fees increased from their original value. There are the obvious related risks with them like hacker’s interference.

Also, they are not used by everyone in their households due to their complex technology. In all the Bitcoin circuit has fused out.If the value keeps on tumbling down, then bitcoins will soon go off-market and become extinct.