Liposuction – Speedy Recovery Guide After Surgery

When all other weight reduction methods and procedures have failed, liposuction offers a fairly reliable way of reducing the stubborn fat from areas like the buns, arms, legs, hips and abdomen.

Liposuction for men in Michigan is quite costly but it guarantees in getting rid of fat.

This operation falls in the general category of cosmetic surgery and is not considered as part of the main stream medical procedure.

The effects of the liposuction operation and the recovery period will vary from one person to another and will depend also on the extensiveness of the operation and where it was performed. As a rule of thumb, the following can be expected when one contemplates undergoing the procedure:

– Full recovery can take up to three months

– The pain of the operation will normally last up to 10 days

– Numbness may continue for a few months while the damaged nerves are reconnected.

– The swelling should disappear in about a fortnight.

These times given are very general and should not be taken as fixed. Medical advice should be sought if the recovery seems to be taking long as there could be other factors causing the delay or speeding up the recovery.

Everyone who has liposuction will experience some degree of discomfort and pain for some days following the procedure, but one can expect to resume work, with the doctor’s sanction in within a fortnight. An analgesic will be required, at least for the first few hours or days after the operation, but must be discontinued as soon as possible. No heavy exercises should be attempted for at least a month, without medical advice to the contrary as this could damage the stitching or cause infection.
While liposuction will remove the excess body-fat the process is temporary. An exercise, diet regime or both must be followed to prevent the fat building-up again.

Below are some steps that will guide you in increasing the speed of recovery while maintaining a high level of health.

– Have someone with you during the first few days following surgery as fainting has been know to occur.

– Drink a lot of liquids like water, health concoctions and fruit juice. Do not imbibe intoxicating substances that contain alcohol. It is also recommended that alcohol be stopped before the operation as it can adversely affect the recovery.

– Avoid swimming or any water sport and do not be tempted by the Jacuzzi or sauna either as infection could set in to your detriment.

– Reduce the threat of infection by not using harsh cleaning substances at/near the affected area.

– Change the dressing at the recommended intervals.

– Do not use anything like ice, hot water or ointments to the skin for the pain or swelling as this could retard recovery.

– Seek medical advice on the type of pressure wear you will put on post-operation. This should allow drainage to take place without encouraging infection.

– Avoid tight fitting or heavy clothing during the recovery period. Clothing made from cotton materials is highly recommended.

– You may want to use the services of a trainer or masseur after you recover.

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