Security Issues for Apartment Dwellers

Almost everyone has lived in a multi-unit apartment complex at some point in their lives or will likely do so in the future. How secure are we in apartments? After all, when we do search for a condo for sale, that is one thing we clearly search for. 

What can we do to protect ourselves from unwanted entries?

Apartment renters face more security issues than the home dweller for one simple reason: renters have no, or very little, control over the physical requirements for security of the property. Renters simply cannot physically alter or improve the leased property without facing consequences from either management or owners.

If renters are able to afford some of the newer and better properties, security may not be that large of a concern. Typically newer apartments have gated and 24 hour security staff with closed circuit TV monitors. A Majority of renters must opt for lower priced units with none of the security amenities mentioned, having only a door and small deadbolt between them and possible harm or loss.

The usual option is to complain to the landlord or move. Considering that compared to other crimes that fell in number last year, theft and burglaries rose by nearly 4 percent in large U.S. cities (per FBI statistics). Renters can increase their sense of security by simply implementing a few precautionary measures.

Do Your Homework

With our current internet capabilities, try doing a check on the landlord, the neighbors, police report history and the management company history with the Better Business Bureau. A simple Google search can produce wonders. Do not forget to ask questions about security and history when applying for a lease. Note and circle the security items to be provided, or lacking, in the contract and property check list.

Simple Things First

Always have the locks changed or change them yourself. It is not a difficult task and you never know who kept what key or how many copies are in the wrong hands, until it is too late. If you do the job yourself, be sure to keep the old ones to replace when the lease expires and it is time to vacate.

Systems Made Easy

With new wireless technology, a large number of home alarm systems are simply easy to install in apartments. The need for drilling holes and installing a multitude of cables is past, thus no damage to the property and no resulting complaints or added charges from the property management.

Bottom line is to take precautions. The effort will save money and lives. The feeling of being violated by robbery is overwhelming. Avoid it at all costs. Help your friends to do the same. A little socializing and networking along with the tips provided will give you long lasting security for you and your family.